Tuesday, August 9, 2011


First, a quick apologetic note to my readers:
I know I've been fairly MIA this year and I do apologise.
I had big plans for 2011, but it seems the universe had other plans in store for us instead. I've decided to let my plans go and ride with the flow. When I stop fighting it, things fall into place.
Finally, we can see the horizon and know that we can make it through the many obstacles thrown our way. I hope to share more with you soon via this blog.
My blogging notepad is packed with awesome blog drafts (if only they would proof read and type themselves out for me)

To show you haven't been forgotten and are still dearly loved, I bring you a GREAT offer, presented to us by Aromatime.
The most lovely and awesomely wonderful Rebecca has offered up for you a gorgous prize pack including:
Green Foot Sherbet, Buzz off and Fly Away and a Pick Me up Spritzer.
Aromatime products are handmade by a diploma qualified aromatherapist, using organic essential oils and cold pressed carrier oils.
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So, what do you need to do to enter?
First, you need to 'like' the Aromatime FB page
Then, post on their wall that you found them through EarthAngelMumma
Then..... GET CREATIVE with your kids!
Upload a photo of your creative project to my FB wall and let me know it's an Aromatime comp entry and if you give permission for it to be posted in one of the EAM art gallery photo albums recently added to the page.

Your project can be ANYTHING, in ANY medium. We want to see something original, different, whacky..... ANYTHING AT ALL.
It could be a mud and sticks statue, a painting, drawing, nature display, did I say ANYTHING??
The only thing it DOES have to be is your interpretation and reflection of.... SPRING

Competition closes August 23rd (that's 2 weeks time)
So, get thinking, get creating, get liking and get posting...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

ahh the relief of winter...

Well, it's finally early winter here and I can feel it. The nights and mornings are cold, it's refreshing. The water isn't hot in the mornings, but at least the coffee is thanks to the kettle. The rain has finally arrive in small doses. It's steady for now, so I'm happy enough. The garden practically grew twice it's size overnight!
Thankyou Mother Nature for providing just when we needed it the most!

As you may have noticed, I've been extremely distracted even though I had plans to commit more time to blogging.
We had a bit of a scare with Miss H and stressful weeks ensued. So, I have decided to take things as they come and ride it out without trying to control it or pay any attention anywhere other than with my family, passions and home. Trying to bring some order and calm to myself and our home.

I thought I'd share a few pics of what's been giong on here at Martin Farm between medical emergencies, water issues', the good ol' family winner (money crisis) and general parental stresses... (has anyone else noticed the REDICULOUS price of veg at the supermarkets recently?? We're seriously considering changing shops....)

Anyway, here's what we've been up to:

FINALLY, the arrival of our dairy cow...
(our two pregnant dairt goats came home again also)


Searching for faeries and faerie homes...

Birthdays and bouncing...

Growing food...

Tea parties...

Sand play...

Birth of baby Guineapigs...

Something I've had on my to try list until I saw this link on FB and decided to just go do it! I used it as a quiet activity while Li'l Miss M was napping.
So, these are our own version. Miss H's at the top and my own two at the bottom. I wanted to do flowers, but rather than push Miss H to do them as a project, I chose to make them for myself and leave her do her own thing (high fives self in proud unschooling manner)

As winter approaches, we're looking to the winter solstice and doing more indoor crafts and play. I'd like to focus on this a little more and share it among the Facebook community.
I want to open a virtual art gallery album for us to show off our kids and our own crafts and projects.

The Albums to be opened will be "Nature Displays" for our nature tables and similar waldorf inspired crafting, "Li'l Expressionists" for showing of our kids creations as proudly as we can ever parentally be and finally "Mumma's Makings" for our own creations.

If you have something you'd like to contribute, either upload a pic to the facebook wall or email it to me at earthangelmumma@gmail.com

Happy cleansing, crafting, searching, playing, gardening, bouncing, journeying....
keep peace, make love, search deep

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's all about CHOICES!

This rant comes from both sides of the fence. From assessing my own feelings and circumstances.
This is an honest truth I've had to tell myself, that I am telling myself today.

So... here it is:

I know what it's like, to feel like we can't change anything.
To want to give up, lay down and accept the shit in this society. To accept things as they are, to just go with the flow and put up with the shit that makes us feel sad, makes us sick, makes us... well, very angry ill people.

After 3 years of constant battles and obstacles setting us back in every way, my house is shamefully pigstyeish. It's gotten so bad that it's making us all sick.
No matter how hard I've tried in the past, when I feel like we're getting somewhere and things are getting better something comes along to knock us down and bury me back in that dam rut!

I'm sick of living like this, but I'm so demotivated and tired of it that I feel like I can NOT change it for my family. I'm trying to take it a day at a time and slowly head where I want things to be.
I KNOW inside we'll get there, I just wish it would magically fix itself overnight without me lifting a finger... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA as if! You can't have change, unless you MAKE change!

What I want to share with you is THIS revelation... YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
It may seem hard, it may seem impossible, but in the end YOU CAN DO IT! Make the choices you need to make to get there!
Find support if you can to get it done, but remeber that the FIRST step is to make the choice.
Don't sit there whinging that you can't afford to feed your family a nutricious meal, not until you have exhausted EVERY avenue possible (I know this one too, trust me I do)

Sacrifice something (perhaps the tomato sauce in the shopping, those bikkies or that cordial?) and save up to buy yourself a low income seed bundle from Diggers Garden Club for LESS THAN $20!!

Get out in that garden with the kids... GROW your own nutricious veg. You'll save SO MUCH money in the longrun that the argument of expense is null and void.
It may take some years to grow everything you eat, but what is $20 once a year to learn a new skill, feed your family AND start up your own seedstock for future use.
Let's say it takes you 4 years to learn enough skill to not need to buy veg again in your life (thanks to seedstock you keep) that's just $80 for a lifetime of veg!

Did you know that by changing to a wholesome diet of less processed food, you eat less! Brown rice and wholemeal flour fill you more than their empty white counterparts...
So at the checkout you may spend and extra 50 cents to a $1, but in the long run you save so much more!
You could buy bikkies, or you could buy ingredients needed to make them much healthier for the same price!

In the conventional society, Miss H would be on numerous medications for 'behavioural issues' while eating the shit that most kids do.
Instead WE CHOOSE to feed her wholesome food that doesn't trigger a chemical responce in her body and make her what some would consider an extremely difficult child.
What most people don't realise is that she is NOT acting up, she is mentally unstable due to a chemical reaction in her brain from synthetic additives in foods she may have eaten. She doesn't have a single clue what she is doing, how she is affecting people, she's just going with the flow of her intoxicated body! Even milk does this to her, with it's added preservatives.

I get that time is a factor, but I personally would rather spend my time making wholesome food that heals my family than spend that time and extra money on trips to the dr because our food makes us sick. Once again, it comes down to choices.

What I'm trying to convey is that we only live as we choose to live.
Yes things change to what we don't want, but we choose to either stay and stick it out, work with it to make it better, change it to work for us, or even just walk away and forget it all. Some things are out of our control, but ultimately what you do with those trials and obstacles is UP TO YOU!
Choose your priorities and stick to them. Don't whinge and sulk about something until you have tried EVERYTHING you possibly can to change it.
Get the fuck over it and make a difference for yourself, easier said than done I know... oh boy do I know, but it all comes down to you and your choices.

You CAN make a difference, you CAN change your circumstances, you CAN achieve your dreams, you CAN DO IT!
You are strong and THINGS WILL GET BETTER!
Believe it, live it.... LOVE IT!

Be the change you want to see in the world!

(please note: No child was harmed in the making of heading photo. She was having a sad because she wasn't allowed to hold the newborn guineapig. Such a cutie even when she's upset)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back to Basic Skills - Surviving when all seems lost.

I originally intended to break into 2011 with a series of blog posts about natural pregnancy, birth and childcare.
When the floods hit the eastern side of Australia, Northern parts of Western Australia and these were followed by cyclones, my mind turned elsewhere.
So when I was approached by a dear friend at Pure Earth Noosa with an idea, I just couldn't say no.

This idea has been a while in the making, so I apologise for not getting it out sooner. I must admit that I find this topic overwhelming even though it is something we are striving to achieve here at Martin Farm anyway.
Our chosen topic to write a series on is basic self sufficiency and survivalist means. Learning basic skills that will provide you with goods to survive with through use or barter in a situation that means you cannot live as you do now. Going back to the basics we used not so long ago.

Have you ever thought about how you would survive should a disaster strike, natural or otherwise?
Imagine that all hell has broken loose, deadly infectious disease is wide spread, safe healthy food is not availble on the supermarket shelves, money means nothing anymore, you have no fresh water or electricity to rely on.... what would you do?

I strongly believe that given the current world matters, this scenario is not far from the truth, nor far from happening.
These world matters are my opinion and the way I see things. These beliefs are my own and they are that:
  • Monsanto is taking over most of the worlds farming sector with their genetically mutated crops, drowning out safe organic farmers, contaminating their crops. This causes safe healthy food fast becoming unobtainable, unless you have access to internet. What will happen when there is no server anymore, no power, no mail service.... no organic foods to sell??
  • Food shortage crisis' are inevitable due to our growing population and decreasing food supplies.
  • Manmade diseases are wiping out our numbers, a synthetic chemical polluted medical system causing us to become ill and poor access to truly healing knowledge and supplies.
  • Natural and manmade disasters are on the increase. Wether it be global warming, mans influence, a cycle of nature, it IS happening. Floods, cyclones, quakes, disease, nuclear radiation exposure.
  • We as a society rely on a flawed system to feed, heal and support us. Why?

Why is it that monetary, material gain and ifluence rule our lives?
Why are we so greedy?
I get that we need money in this monetary society to provide a home for ourselves, but this wouldn't be so if we hadn't of started with the monetary sytem in the first place.
It need not continue past the few basics we currently need to survive and when the shit does hit the fan, I'll just bet that that plastic and those coins in your purses and those numbers in your bank account will equate to a big fat ZERO!

I feel conflicted on the subject of money. I love the things money can get, but I HATE money itself. To be truly self sufficient is such a dream that I cannot wait to live. If we can't make it ourselves, we hope to barter our goods for it.

To do this we need basic survivalist skills and knowledge.... hence the Back to Basic Skills series.

We'll be looking at this in two ways.
First being ways to prepare for such an event.
Stockpiling on food items, water supply, seeds, natural medicines, tools, books or similar hardcopy knowledge and other bits and pieces one might need to get through a short or longterm crisis until such time as you are able to provide your own.

Second being longterm strategies to live without our current luxuries, these strategies being the basic skills we will acieve to learn.
Skills such as crocheting, knitting and sewing your own clothing. Growing, storing, cooking and preserving your own food. Raising, slaughtering, butchering, cooking and preserving your own meat, dairy and fibre products. Building shelters, collecting rain water, constructing fencing, general landcare and oh so much more!

As ideal as it is for someone taking on such a mammoth task to own a property of good proportion, this is NOT a must have. KNOWING someone with such is of course very beneficial if you can develop a skill to barter for goods from that person.

We have set up a facebook group for those willing to join in on discussions of such matters, ask questions of the skilled and discuss a particular topic in depth as we blog about it.
IF you are interested please feel free to request to join. If you are NOT, then leave be and move on. We won't accept negative actions of trolls and anyone trying to stir up trouble will only be deleted, banned and reported.

This series and group are only for those interested in learning, believe the same or have skills they would like to share their knowledge on. If it's not your cup of tea, that's perfectly fine, we're not looking to reach you but rather support those interested.

Comments will be closed on this post, so that keeping track of them is easier. Please leave anty comments on the FB EAM page instead.

Next up in this series: WHAT immediate supplies I would stock up on for preperation of such an event.

Until next time, keep safe, stay well, happy gardening and I wish you blessings of the rain or sunshine you desperately need.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A worm farm that even your kids can make!

We've decided that with the main of our scraps now going to our animals, we will downsize and improve our compost bay and in the meantime use a worm farm. This meant we were in need of said worm farm.
So I decided to give you a photo tutorial on a worm farm that is cheap and so simple even a 3 year old could make it.

In fact I was so adamant to show how easy it is that MY 3 YEAR OLD DID MAKE IT!
The only part I helped with was showing her how to stab the first holes in the box, I shovelled and collected the compost from our bay for her to put in her worm farm and I collected the dirt full of worms from the raised garden bed she couldn't reach... oh, I also lifted the heavy box to it's final home after forgetting to move it BEFORE the compost was added.

Now I must inform you right here that we don't use worm farms to harvest worm casting juice like most people, but rather refresh and renew the worm farm during the year and use the contained compost FULL of worms and castings in our garden.
Hence why our worm farms have drainage holes instead of a draining tap. I like to move the farm around to different spots and plant a new plant in the last used spot that is now rich in wormy goodness.

First you'll need to collect the materials needed to make your worm farm....
  • The tub can be anything you like. A plastic storage container, perhaps a slatted wooden box lined to reduce spillage if you can afford one or find one to recycle or you can use a CFC free vege box (available from your local fruit n veg market or small supermarket for just $1 or $2)
  • A screwdriver, stick, pen or drill to put holes in the bottom of your farm.
  • Some straw or shredded newspaper
  • Soil or well rotted compost
  • A newspaper
  • A hessian bag and some rocks, or the containers lid if you wish to use it on your worm farm.
  • A watering can and water

Poke some holes in the bottom of your box, so that when you turn it up it looks something like this:
Add a layer of straw or shredded newspaper

Fill box with your soil or rotted compost

Hunt, dig up and add worms and some of their surrounding soil into your worm farm.

Give your worms and their new home a little shower

Cover with a thick layer of newspaper and moisten

Add your hessian and rocks (or lid)

You will find that if you feed the farm properly, worms will come out of the ground underneath and up into the farm vis the drainage holes. So starting with only a handful of worms is plenty fine.

Worms like cool moist conditions, so place your worm farm in a shady spot and ensure that the top layer of newspaper is always damp. Provide protection from excess rain so you don't drive your worms out with too much water.

Don't feed the worms too much. Place a small offering in at first and see how long it takes to be consumed, add a little more or less as you see fit.
Worms don't like to be given too much citrus, onions or coffee rinds. They do LOVE tea and coffee rinds, but too much of a good thing CAN be bad. You don't want to drive them out, so keep an eye on what goes in and have a little dig often to see how happy your worms are.

At first activity will be slow, but within a couple months your worm farm will be teaming with lots of juicy yummy worms.
You can even set up a second box exactly the same and just sit it on top of the first. Make sure the first box is full to the brim so the worms have a way to get to the new home through the drainage holes. Otherwise, just empty onto your veg patch and start again.

Get out there with the kids and give this fun activity a go... it only takes an hour of your time to spend enriching your kids awareness of life cycles, composting and the glorious work worms do for us.
Happy worming my friends.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Live and Learn

Live and learn...
Life is all about lessons. From creating and raising children, creating and maintaining a healthy diet and no less for gardening. We make mistakes, we take them as they are and we learn from them... well, most of us do.
I am no expert in the garden and I have had my fair share of failures and miserable attempts at growing food. I like to examine why I have failed a crop and research and contemplate how I can avoid this next time around. I have also grown a LOT of things successfuly so this to me, means I am doing something right. 5 years ago I killed a lucky bamboo, now I can grow food for my family given the requirements are available to me.
This past year has been trialling for my garden. We have received very little rain. In fact we got LESS than half our yearly average rainfall. With such a dry year, winter was harsh, cold and frosty. We lost a LOT of our food to those frosts, sadly.
Follwed by this dry summer we are now experiencing, the small number of food crops I put in are just not as happy as they have been before. We were blessed with a good downpour just after new year which provided us enough water for an extra two weeks and revived the gardens somewhat. Now to keep them happy until the breaking rains.
My past lessons have taught me to mulch well, provide plenty of manure rich soil, feed with seaweed solution regularly and water well. These few lessons have kept alive what little I currently have growing.... all but the last one.
We are not hooked up to scheme water. We rely on a small 30,000 litre water tank. Little piece of advice: DON'T rely on a city salesman to advise you on a water tank big enough to hold the water needed to provide a family of four and animals!
We have had water trucked in four times in just the past year. It costs around the $600 mark to truck water in. The actual water itself costs around $20, the rest is the price of the truck and driver.
Our melons are doing GREAT. Our artichokes are coming back in good numbers. Our zucchini fruited well, until a lack of water in our tank and a few hot days set them back. Though I did find a surprise zucchini plant amongst the rockmelons. Our tomatoes were late, but are now doing well and hoepfully will provide us with autumn food. Some seeds just didn't germinate and water has been the main problem.
Now I look to the next lot of crops and am planning our autumn winter plantings. The vital thing to keep it successful will be.... you guessed it, RAIN!
If it rains, it wil not be frosty, the gardens will have enough moisture to sustain them and we have a good chance at growing plenty. As the price of food rises and the availability of food deminishes, this is an extremely important task.
In my planning I look to last year and the problems we need to learn from. More manure, more mulch, more water... please rain, oh please please rain!
Now I leave you to go and contemplate lifes lessons and learn from them.
Peace xx

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I promise something handmade to the FIRST 5 people who leave a comment here. However, to be eligible, you must repost this message offering something handmade to 5 other people.
The rules are that it must be handmade by you, and it must be sent to your 5 giftees sometime in 2011. Ready, set, GO!

I don't have a huge ammount of talents, but I'm improving every day :D
Rest assured I will do my very best to make a quality gift for you from my heart.
Please leave your email address in your reply so that I can contact you in future to suss out what I should create and get posting details when ready.

Let's make 2011 a year of giving to others... PAY IT FORWARD!