Monday, May 31, 2010

Amber Jewellery

*Photo supplied is a picture of an Amber necklace courtesy of Mumma Rocks

I write this generally about Genuine Baltic Amber as it is Baltic Amber that contains a higher ammount of succinic acid. When looking for Amber jewellery for healing properties, make sure you are buying quality Genuine Baltic Amber.

Baltic Amber was created when vascular tissues of trees secreted through cuts of trees and set into a dried resin millions of years ago. The natural processes and chemical rections of fossilisation that the resin has gone through in this time has created the healing Amber we know of now.

Baltic Amber has been used for centuries to heal many ailments. Dominican philosopher Albert the Great noted that Amber properties were the most effective of six common medicines of his time. He was born in 1193.
During times of plague Amber wearers did not succumb to the plague. They did not die from the atrocious diseases their fellow citizens did.

Baltic Amber has calming and healing properties that benefit many wearers. Succinic acid is released into the body through contact with the skin as warmth is created.
Succinic acid is an antibiotic and an antioxidant.

Baltic Amber has successfully been used for teething, urinary illnesses, pains, blood circulation, allergy relief, as an immunity booster and to fight infections and illnesses among MANY other things.

To care for your Amber jewellery do not expose it to chemicals such as general household cleaners, toiletries or perfumes. Do not expose it to long periods of extreme heat and strong sun. Do not wear it in a chlorine pool or during shower or baths if you have chlorinated water.

Every now and then you can give it a rub with a soft cloth and pure olive oil.
To Purify, give it a light wash or soak in salty water before laying it out under the full moon overnight.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday H

Wow... Time really DOES fly!!
3 years ago I was saying goodbye to my visiting sister and settling in for my first night as a mother. Today H turned 3 and is now a big sister to her 3 month old sister M.

I decided that rather than overwhelming H with all her presents in one go, I would give them to her over the day one by one to give time to appreciate each one.
For me it was important to impart upon my daughter that it's not a day to celebrate presents as many had suggested to her. She did get spoiled with many new toys to play and use her imagination with, but we didn't make these the focus if the day.
Today we spent the day together as a family and celebrated H's birth and placement in our family. We truly are blessed with her presence.
This year I have focused on clearing out most plastic toys from H's playroom and introducing wooden toys with safe paints and treatments.

After sneaking into our bed for a sleep in next to her baby sister between us, we all got up together and gave H her birthday card and first present, an amber necklace of her own.
We started the day with banana and yoghurt pancakes, hot cocoa for H and hot coffee for Earth Angel Mummy and Earth Angel Daddy.

After brekky we all went together to feed the chickens and collect eggs only to find they had "laid" a present for H instead of any eggs. Appropriatley it was a wooden cake that says Happy Birthday!

This wooden cake kept H occupied for hours on end so that I was able to get some gardening done.

Later in the evening a wooden fruit and veg set came out that come with a wooden knife and can be "cut" in half and reattached with the ingenuity of velcro. This set kept H occupied until bedtime and wasn't even put down at cake time.
Cake was chocolate cupcakes with lemon cinnamon icing.... YUM YUM!

Now I start to think to christmas and what lessons I want to teach my children, what I want to contribute to the playroom before I plan M's first birthday and consider how much time has passed and how quick my children grow.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Books That Have Inspired My Garden

Upon thinking of what I may write to help inspire or encourage people to get out and stick their hands in the earth, I became lost for words. I decided instead to share with you some of the many books that have inspired me over the past few years to make the choices I have in gardening.

Our relationship with food is what got me out in to the garden. I wanted to ensure my family eats healthy nutritious, organically homegrown food as much as possible. To know where our food had come from and that we had raised it ourselves.

Reading these books made me think more and inspired my persistance for gardening when I felt like a failure and wanted to throw the trowel in.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbera Kingsolver
This book is the journey of an American mum and her family to endeavour on a year of seaonal locavore eating. It includes recipes at the end of each month using the vegetables they were able to source or grow that month.

A year of Slow Food by David and Gerda Foster
This an Australian story very similar to Barbera Kingsolvers book. It also contains recipes for seasonal eating. What inspires me most is Davids cow and bee keeping. A joy I have yet to experience myself.

For beginners that are confused on where to start in the basics of gardening I always say the key to success is reasearch, learning and SOIL and COMPOST
For great reads on soil and compost have a look at:

Soil Food-1372 ways to add fertility to your soil by Jackie French
This is a great book that details the dynamics of soil, how it works and ways to feed it for maximum potential. There is a section that tells how to treat soil for specific food crops.

The Compost Book by David and Yvonne Taylor
This book is a very detailed book compared to others I have read. It tells of what compost is, how to make compost and even has an alphabetised list of all the different things you can put in compost nad how they benefit it.
Did you know you can use Yarrow and Yoghurt to accelerate composting? We throw these down our composting toilet instead of having to buy the accelerator from the company we bought the toilet through.

When it comes to actual planting I like to keep these books on hand and refer to them constantly

The Seedsavers' Handbook by Michel and Jude Fanton of the Seedsavers Network in Byron Bay
This book tells of how to propogate, grow, select, save and store seeds from your garden ensuring good stock of open pollinated plants. It even includes plants that you may not have heard of before such as Aramanth, Kale, Celeriac and Celtuce.

Companion Planting in Australia by Brenda Little
Companion planting is a process of planting certain plants together that compliment one or boths growth by the output of root excretions or leaf exudates.
These plants can benefit each other by repelling isects and providing nutrients to each other, such as beans providing nitrogen interplanted with potatoes which use that nitrogen.
In the same way plants can be harmful to each other, like tomato roots excreting toxins that only herbs like basil and parsley can tolerate. These herbs also ward off insects and benefit the growth of tomatoes.

And for those with chickens or thinking of having backyard chickens you really can't go past...

Backyard Poultry-Naturally by Alanna Moore.
This is a book to be read to believe how fantastic it is. It includes breeds of chickens and ducks, generous pen ideas, chook medicianl herb listings and even natural ways to rid chooks of illness and disease.

With the use of good organic open pollinated seed, healthy soil, great compost and companion planting I have been able to reduce the ammount of pest problems my gardens encounter, increasing the output of produce for us to eat.

I hope these help you to feel inspired and head outside with bare hands, pick up that manure, soil or compost and take in a great deep breath of it's true beauty and feel it's potential to feed your family.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is me....

This whole blog thing is new to me, but I want in on the fun!
So here I am, bringing to you the story of my life, my family and the way we live.
I will discuss our family beliefs, our practices and just generally what we do. This will cover our beliefs in parenting and child/baby care, organic living, gardening, sewing, cooking and whatever I feel like discussing with you all.

I am not your "average" social sheep mum. I'm quite different to MOST mums you'll meet on the street (thank goodness for that!)
If you don't believe what I do then it's highly likely you probably wont like what I have to say, but that's ok because I'm not targeting you as an audience. I am here to try to inspire, help and support mums like me in the same way I have felt inspired, helped and supported by many out there like I.

I am rather quite truthful and I will say it how I see it. If you have a problem with what I write about feel free to avert your eyes.
I don't mean to come across as hostile if that's the vibe you're getting, I mean only to warn you that I just don't care if you have a problem with me or the way my family and I live.
So there's no need to leave any nasty comments about the way I live, just get on with your day and I will with mine.

I am a young 24 year old mum to 2 beautiful Earth Angels. Shall we call them 'H' and 'M'. You can call me Tessa.

H will be turning 3 very soon, she was the start of our life change. My pregnancy, birth and initial parenting with her were what I now consider to be very unnatural.
The whole lot was flooded with meds, supplements and ill advice which I blindly followed without investigating.
The change came about when H was prescribed antibiotics and steroid cream for dermatitis at only 8 weeks old!

M will turn 3 months on H's birthday. Things with M have been completely different. I had a very natural pregnancy, close to natural birth and a whole new perspective on the way we parent our children. Things are feeling much more natural this time around. I feel confident in the way we live and how our girls are raised and cared for, a feeling I didn't have with H.

I research every choice I consider and I make an 'informed decision'. I don't follow behind society blindly, I dont trust what the medical society or government tell us is right or true. I find the truth for myself. This is my right and this is my duty as a mother to make sure I am doing the best I possibly can for my children

I am quite proudly a hippy mum. I want to raise my children with awareness of the real world around them. I want them to eat, breathe and live naturally. I do my best to teach them about the life around them.

I breastfeed. I do it in public and I don't care what others feel on the subject because my breasts are not sexual play toys, they are my babies "Boobies". They are her sustenance and I keep her alive and healthy with these babies! I am proud I can. I gave up with H, a choice I sincerely regret. Knowing what I exposed her body to unnecessarily really makes me angry at myself for not knowing better. A mistake I am not willing to make again.

We cosleep, my daughter sleeps in our bed next to me against the warmth of my chest. We wouldn't have it any other way. We don't even own a cot and most likely wont. H slept with us fulltime when we realised the benefits of cosleeping and recently moved into her own bed at 2 and a half.

I wear my baby. I carry her in a sling, not all day every day but most certainly every time we go out and when she want closeness for the day and I need to get things done. Other times, she is sitting in her pram wherever I may be watching me do my thing and soon she will join her big sister on the ground helping me or playing.

My girls wear cloth nappies, a recent change I must admit. Something I will touch on another day.

We eat as natural as we can possibly afford. We grow what we can and supplement with fruit and veg from the supermarket.

We heal our bodies with herbs, homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy and healthy diets before we opt for a prescription of toxins.

We do not vax any more, another mistake I made on H without trusting my instinct and doing proper research. Needless to say I wont be finishing her vax schedule. In fact, I will be endeavouring to try and detox her body from the harm I have already allowed.

I garden organically, growing food and herbs. It is one of my passions. We own 90 acres and plan to make it an organic self sufficient homestead to raise our family on and pass to our future generations.

I love to cook. My favourite thing is to make jams and preserving foods in other ways. There very many things I want to learn to cook and make myself.

I sew. I love to sew. I love to create clothing and other items for my family and friends. When I get a chance to I must admit.

I am human, I try my best to ensure the health and safety of my children. I try to ensure their minds aren't flooded with the poisons of society.
You wont find scantily clad music clips or magazines in our home. You won't find our children filling their body with toxic food that is considered completely normal or earth forbid "healthy"

Most likely you will find them running around our property playing, foraging food from the garden or even watching playschool or sesame street for quiet time while drawing, painting or reading. I am human, we do have a television, dvd player, set top box and computer with internet connection.

That is a little about me now. In the future you may learn more about my past and more about what I do and believe. Feel free to follow me on my blog journey, feel free to positively discuss if you wish to and similarly feel free to pass on to another blog if this is not your cup of tea.
I love to meet and communicate with families that believe the same as me and are in the parenting minority I am in. C'mon admit it, there aren't too many of us "crunchies" out there... we are a parenting minority IMO.

Hippy Mums Unite!