Monday, May 31, 2010

Amber Jewellery

*Photo supplied is a picture of an Amber necklace courtesy of Mumma Rocks

I write this generally about Genuine Baltic Amber as it is Baltic Amber that contains a higher ammount of succinic acid. When looking for Amber jewellery for healing properties, make sure you are buying quality Genuine Baltic Amber.

Baltic Amber was created when vascular tissues of trees secreted through cuts of trees and set into a dried resin millions of years ago. The natural processes and chemical rections of fossilisation that the resin has gone through in this time has created the healing Amber we know of now.

Baltic Amber has been used for centuries to heal many ailments. Dominican philosopher Albert the Great noted that Amber properties were the most effective of six common medicines of his time. He was born in 1193.
During times of plague Amber wearers did not succumb to the plague. They did not die from the atrocious diseases their fellow citizens did.

Baltic Amber has calming and healing properties that benefit many wearers. Succinic acid is released into the body through contact with the skin as warmth is created.
Succinic acid is an antibiotic and an antioxidant.

Baltic Amber has successfully been used for teething, urinary illnesses, pains, blood circulation, allergy relief, as an immunity booster and to fight infections and illnesses among MANY other things.

To care for your Amber jewellery do not expose it to chemicals such as general household cleaners, toiletries or perfumes. Do not expose it to long periods of extreme heat and strong sun. Do not wear it in a chlorine pool or during shower or baths if you have chlorinated water.

Every now and then you can give it a rub with a soft cloth and pure olive oil.
To Purify, give it a light wash or soak in salty water before laying it out under the full moon overnight.

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  1. I'm really happy that there is starting to be such a wide acceptance of Gem Stone healing these days.

    I have always found Amber to be brilliant for so many ailments. Im about to have jaw surgery in a couple of months. And be assured I will be wearing an amber necklace, bracelet and anklet as soon as I get into recovery x