Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is me....

This whole blog thing is new to me, but I want in on the fun!
So here I am, bringing to you the story of my life, my family and the way we live.
I will discuss our family beliefs, our practices and just generally what we do. This will cover our beliefs in parenting and child/baby care, organic living, gardening, sewing, cooking and whatever I feel like discussing with you all.

I am not your "average" social sheep mum. I'm quite different to MOST mums you'll meet on the street (thank goodness for that!)
If you don't believe what I do then it's highly likely you probably wont like what I have to say, but that's ok because I'm not targeting you as an audience. I am here to try to inspire, help and support mums like me in the same way I have felt inspired, helped and supported by many out there like I.

I am rather quite truthful and I will say it how I see it. If you have a problem with what I write about feel free to avert your eyes.
I don't mean to come across as hostile if that's the vibe you're getting, I mean only to warn you that I just don't care if you have a problem with me or the way my family and I live.
So there's no need to leave any nasty comments about the way I live, just get on with your day and I will with mine.

I am a young 24 year old mum to 2 beautiful Earth Angels. Shall we call them 'H' and 'M'. You can call me Tessa.

H will be turning 3 very soon, she was the start of our life change. My pregnancy, birth and initial parenting with her were what I now consider to be very unnatural.
The whole lot was flooded with meds, supplements and ill advice which I blindly followed without investigating.
The change came about when H was prescribed antibiotics and steroid cream for dermatitis at only 8 weeks old!

M will turn 3 months on H's birthday. Things with M have been completely different. I had a very natural pregnancy, close to natural birth and a whole new perspective on the way we parent our children. Things are feeling much more natural this time around. I feel confident in the way we live and how our girls are raised and cared for, a feeling I didn't have with H.

I research every choice I consider and I make an 'informed decision'. I don't follow behind society blindly, I dont trust what the medical society or government tell us is right or true. I find the truth for myself. This is my right and this is my duty as a mother to make sure I am doing the best I possibly can for my children

I am quite proudly a hippy mum. I want to raise my children with awareness of the real world around them. I want them to eat, breathe and live naturally. I do my best to teach them about the life around them.

I breastfeed. I do it in public and I don't care what others feel on the subject because my breasts are not sexual play toys, they are my babies "Boobies". They are her sustenance and I keep her alive and healthy with these babies! I am proud I can. I gave up with H, a choice I sincerely regret. Knowing what I exposed her body to unnecessarily really makes me angry at myself for not knowing better. A mistake I am not willing to make again.

We cosleep, my daughter sleeps in our bed next to me against the warmth of my chest. We wouldn't have it any other way. We don't even own a cot and most likely wont. H slept with us fulltime when we realised the benefits of cosleeping and recently moved into her own bed at 2 and a half.

I wear my baby. I carry her in a sling, not all day every day but most certainly every time we go out and when she want closeness for the day and I need to get things done. Other times, she is sitting in her pram wherever I may be watching me do my thing and soon she will join her big sister on the ground helping me or playing.

My girls wear cloth nappies, a recent change I must admit. Something I will touch on another day.

We eat as natural as we can possibly afford. We grow what we can and supplement with fruit and veg from the supermarket.

We heal our bodies with herbs, homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy and healthy diets before we opt for a prescription of toxins.

We do not vax any more, another mistake I made on H without trusting my instinct and doing proper research. Needless to say I wont be finishing her vax schedule. In fact, I will be endeavouring to try and detox her body from the harm I have already allowed.

I garden organically, growing food and herbs. It is one of my passions. We own 90 acres and plan to make it an organic self sufficient homestead to raise our family on and pass to our future generations.

I love to cook. My favourite thing is to make jams and preserving foods in other ways. There very many things I want to learn to cook and make myself.

I sew. I love to sew. I love to create clothing and other items for my family and friends. When I get a chance to I must admit.

I am human, I try my best to ensure the health and safety of my children. I try to ensure their minds aren't flooded with the poisons of society.
You wont find scantily clad music clips or magazines in our home. You won't find our children filling their body with toxic food that is considered completely normal or earth forbid "healthy"

Most likely you will find them running around our property playing, foraging food from the garden or even watching playschool or sesame street for quiet time while drawing, painting or reading. I am human, we do have a television, dvd player, set top box and computer with internet connection.

That is a little about me now. In the future you may learn more about my past and more about what I do and believe. Feel free to follow me on my blog journey, feel free to positively discuss if you wish to and similarly feel free to pass on to another blog if this is not your cup of tea.
I love to meet and communicate with families that believe the same as me and are in the parenting minority I am in. C'mon admit it, there aren't too many of us "crunchies" out there... we are a parenting minority IMO.

Hippy Mums Unite!



  1. HI Tessa,

    WOW! Your doing an awesome job & i too have chanced for the best a few years ago for the same reason my children & our families health & well-being.
    I too made a few mistakes with my first child & that makes us human i guess but i learnt from it & no longer listen or do what society says is right just because.
    I loved reading about you & i feel i know you just a little bit more. I also feel the same way in many of your views & i applaud you for speaking up & saying what you feel.
    Well Done! Keep up the wonderful things your doing & i'm sure your family appreciates you for everything your doing for them.
    Pure Earth Noosa

  2. Yay, wonderful! posted it on Authentic. Love it and am exited to hear more from you. Oh I'll be following you,dear
    oh, you should set your comment options to anyone, because a lot of bloggers like to use the name/url option

  3. I couldn't agree with everything you've said here more! Nice to meet you:)

  4. Hi ! Nice to meet you ! I have 3 children, enjoy Nature and natural things, I breastfeed out and about my 2 yo and my 1 mo daughters (who are cloth-diapered), I have a small garden with veggies and herbs and a small brand new orchard, I love to cook and experiment with recipes and I sew, too (clothing and patchwork). I'm looking forward to your posts !

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  6. Welcome to the blogisphere!!! I have 7 kids and share a lot of your same views. Glad to see you here!

  7. mamapoekie: how do i change posting to anyone?
    Wow, 7 kids Susan?? Awesome. People laugh when I say I want 10 :)

  8. the older i get the wiser i become,(ive always had alittle hippie in me,just untill now allowed it to be masked by "the norm") i am a mother of 3 (16,14 & 4 )and it has only been in the last few years i haven decided to steer my family in the more natural way of living, a hard ask for teens but not impossable. congratulations on being you & giving your family the best strat they can have.