Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday H

Wow... Time really DOES fly!!
3 years ago I was saying goodbye to my visiting sister and settling in for my first night as a mother. Today H turned 3 and is now a big sister to her 3 month old sister M.

I decided that rather than overwhelming H with all her presents in one go, I would give them to her over the day one by one to give time to appreciate each one.
For me it was important to impart upon my daughter that it's not a day to celebrate presents as many had suggested to her. She did get spoiled with many new toys to play and use her imagination with, but we didn't make these the focus if the day.
Today we spent the day together as a family and celebrated H's birth and placement in our family. We truly are blessed with her presence.
This year I have focused on clearing out most plastic toys from H's playroom and introducing wooden toys with safe paints and treatments.

After sneaking into our bed for a sleep in next to her baby sister between us, we all got up together and gave H her birthday card and first present, an amber necklace of her own.
We started the day with banana and yoghurt pancakes, hot cocoa for H and hot coffee for Earth Angel Mummy and Earth Angel Daddy.

After brekky we all went together to feed the chickens and collect eggs only to find they had "laid" a present for H instead of any eggs. Appropriatley it was a wooden cake that says Happy Birthday!

This wooden cake kept H occupied for hours on end so that I was able to get some gardening done.

Later in the evening a wooden fruit and veg set came out that come with a wooden knife and can be "cut" in half and reattached with the ingenuity of velcro. This set kept H occupied until bedtime and wasn't even put down at cake time.
Cake was chocolate cupcakes with lemon cinnamon icing.... YUM YUM!

Now I start to think to christmas and what lessons I want to teach my children, what I want to contribute to the playroom before I plan M's first birthday and consider how much time has passed and how quick my children grow.

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  1. It seems like she had a wonderful time! That cake is making me want some too