Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Beauty and Simplicity in Such an Element

Who doesn't love a good campfire?

I have fond memories of sitting in front of the fire during my childhood. Dad used to take us camping on the school holidays and I had the most wonderful times of my life..
I'm not talking 'recreational' camping in caravans and campers amongst numerous other camping families with electricity and toilet facilties.
I mean real raw camping at camping spots you had to find with a 4WD, something that is very rare these days sadly. With a tent and fire, a shovel for a toilet and nothing around but bushland to explore and rivers to canoe, splash and fish in.

It's something I continued to do as I grew older... until I had children.
We haven't had a chance to take our girls camping with our journey to self sufficiency taking all our spare money and time. I dream of the days my girls can fish in the river with a paper clip and fishing line on stick as I did.

Lately I have been fondly reminiscing over the memories and wishing I could just get away once more to sit in front of the campfire.
Upon the realisation that yet again we can't possibly afford the chance, I decided to ask EAdaddy to get the newly acquired firepit up from the storage area and we started up our own little campfire to cook our dinner on next to the verandah. It is quite funny watching a novice trying to light a fire, but with patience and plenty of time EADaddy finally got a nice little fire going. In the meantime I started our tinfoiled potatoes in the oven and got the meat ready for cooking.

Needless to say the fire mesmerised all of us for a time as we sat there in the warm glow of the flames. An upset tired baby was hypnotised by the flames and after a feed quietly sat there staring into the beauty of it all.
When the fire had burned down to embers I popped the potatoes in for the smokey flavour while the meat cooked.

We had some icecream I had made the previous night so I decided to try an idea for desert. We had caremelised spicy pear halves with our honey sweetened icecream. It was so delicious, I decided I just had to share.

Here's how I did it:
Cut Pears in half and cut out the seed section, place on a piece of tin foil (shiny side in)
Sprinkle your choice of nutmeg, cinnamon or both on the pear.
Sprinkle with organic or raw sugar. I used about a third of a cup to ensure it caremalised well.
Top with poppy seeds and wrap up. Rewrap in another piece of alfoil to avoid leaks.
Place in hot embers of fire pit for about 10 minutes.

One thing to remember when fire cooking is to not place food in the fire, but rather the embers so that you cook and don't burn your food.

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