Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Over 100 FB Likers!!

The other day I was pleasantly surprised to find EAM's Facebook page has reached over 100 'likers'!
I never would have dreamed there were so many people out there who are similarly minded. I am happy to know I am not the only one with my train of thoughts in life, that there are so many more earth angels out there growing up in such an environment as my girls.

To celebrate I thought I might run a little competition to give a little gift to one lucky follower.
Sadly due to postage costs I must make this competition availabe to Australian residents only this time.

What's up for grabs?? I have organised a little something for you through Mumma Rocks Baby Safe Products for the Modern Mumma. To have a look at what you can win go to http://mummarocks.com/item_136/Calm-Ocean.htm
*please note: I have organised an elasticated bracelet with silver spacers to accomodate for the ease of use if you may want to use it as a BFing bracelet.

Of course such a prize must come at a price.
So here's the deal. In order to enter I want you to....
1. Be a liker of my Facebook page
2. A follower of this blog through google connect or networked blog links supplied to the left.
3. Comment below that you are a liker and follower along with an answer to these questions:
Which blog post written so far is your favourite and why?
What would you like to see written about in the future?

Competition closes midnight Wednesday 30th June and the winner will be drawn as soon as my children permit after that.

I can't wait to hear your comments and find a winner.


  1. My favorite blog so far was How did we get here?
    I'd like to hear more about your organic gardens, tips on how to live chemical free and a blog on your new kitchen might be cool:)

  2. Hello!

    I follow and I like!
    My favourite blog is the 'How did we get here' I found inspiring and wanting to know more. So please tell me more! More about the day to day of living self sufficient, the challenges the little and big successes everything!

  3. Hey Beautiful, I am a fan, liker,lover and friend <3 It's so hard to choose one blog that's my favourite because they all have opened my mind to different things, living chemical free and just the day to day life living on your 90 acres with ur 2 beautiful earth babies and hubby... Everyday I talk to you I take in everything u say with open mind and am taking notes for when my time comes to be a mummy... Anyways.. as for next blog definately I'd like to see something on 'to smack or not to smack' :)

  4. awww shucks Hayley, thanks :)
    I'm not so sure I'm one to be able to cover that issue myself just yet as I am still struggling along with our new peaceful parenting approach :s

  5. I like your facebook page and follow your blog :)

    My favorite blog so far has been 'How did we get here?' and for future blogs just keep up the good work blogging about your beautiful family and the things you do and love. That's the best. Congrats on 100+ likers and many more to come.

  6. I too am a liker and a follower :)
    Happy Birthday H was my favourite post - I love seeing how other mums celebrate their kids' birthdays and I just adore the wooden birthday cake! I'd like to see a post on green cleaning products for your home :)
    ps.....I LOVE Mumma Rocks!

  7. Im a liker and follow!
    I like Happy Birthday H ~ precious!

  8. I'm a liker and follower :) My fave was definitely the "how did we get here" post and I'd love you to do a post about ridding your body of metals which I think you mentioned in one of your first posts. Don't know how to do that for the kids but would love to learn how :)

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