Friday, July 30, 2010

WAHM introduction

I only had two returns of stories for our WAHM week planned months ago so I have decided to post these two at least for you all. I love to support WAHP's as much as I can and this is the story of one mum I just love to shop with! One of the most fave toys in our toy room is one of these sets pictured to the right. It still gets lovingly played with constantly.
I have had many great rewarding shopping experiences with The Natural Newborn and what better timing to introduce you to her than just before the big Facebook sale tonight?!
May I introduce to you, Jo from The Natural Newborn in Western Australia....

My name is Jo and I'm Mummy to 2 gorgeous girls, Emma and Ruby, wife to my fantastic husband, Todd and owner/founder of The Natural Newborn.

I started The Natural Newborn after a series of events. The first was my first daughter Emma had a bad reaction to disposable nappies. After using every bum balm on the market (none of which worked) I changed her to modern cloth nappies and haven't looked back since. They completely cleared up the rash she had and I quickly became obsessed with MCN's and was hanging by the letterbox for my "fluffy mail"! The transition to cloth nappies made me start to look at other areas in my life and how to change them to become more eco-friendly and natural. Then after Ruby was born I was looking for some biodegradable flushable liners for her cloth nappies and after going to my supermarket, health food shop and chemist I went home and said to Todd that if I couldn't find them then I was going to do something about it. So, it was that day that I decided to open an online store selling natural & organic baby & kids products.

Working from home on the business fits in well with my family. I mostly work at nights after the girls are asleep so I'm not cutting into time with them. I have considered opening a bricks & mortar shop time and time again but it always comes down to not wanting to tie myself down to working 6 days a week away from home. The kids are only little for a short time and I want to be able to go to school carnivals or help out at kindy which I couldn't do if I did open a shop. It does mean I work late nights and am tired a lot from trying to keep on top of everything though!

The Natural Newborn is an online shop that sells natural & organic products for mum, bub and kids. I stock everything from bum wipes to organic cot mattresses (and recently organic single bed mattresses for the big kids!). I try to stock products that are made in Australia but if I can't find them then I will go overseas to find a more natural alternative than that offered in mainstream baby shops.
Providing eco-friendly and natural products for babies and kids is definitely a passion of mine. I attend markets and expos in Perth as I have found that many parents really don't know that these products are available and how much better these products are for their children.

Some of my favourites are the wooden toys. I love the simple wooden rattles and the pretend play toys such as the birthday cake and fruit & vegie set. I also love the Hug a Bub is the one product I sell that really makes me want another baby! Just looking at gorgeous little newborns all snuggled up in a Hug a Bub makes me all clucky!

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  1. I love WAHM's!
    You are so wonderful, finding a job you are passionate about and al the while being there for the littles. Great job!!