Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mummy's turn for a time out!

Sorry for disappearing for a few days, I went on a time out.
With EADaddy working away, a cranky toddler, teething baby and water worries on my mind I decided I needed a mummy break. Not in the sense of no kids, free time mummy break but rather a kid intensive, playing and eating mummy break.

We spent 3 days in the garden planting seeds, collaging our own garden in our unschooling activity, cooking and eating lots of different food.
I refused to look at dishes, laundry or any other form of cleaning as much as I wanted to do it. I had to face the fact that without water... you just can't do them.

Before I went on my time out we reached over 300 fans on our Facebook page!!! WOW
I never expected to see this many people in one place looking to improve our lives, environment and earth.

I've been thinking about how to say thankyou and as I know a majority of our readers are hard working mums I wanted to give one lucky mummy a little something to spoil herself. Something I would love to spoil myself with if I ever had the time or chance.

At the end of the month I will randomly draw a winner from those that comment on this blog post and will work with that person to tailor the items that make up the prize to pamper feet, face, body and lips from Pure Earth Noosa!

I might just add a little tasty extra something from Echo Way too...

Every mummy needs a break once in a while, please put yourself up for a chance to be spoiled.