Saturday, December 18, 2010

Treasure Boxes

Last year, I made a goodies box for Miss H filled with little things. The sort of thing that you could pop in a christmas stocking. I'm doing it again this year for both girls, but with a slight twist.
This years boxes have been decorated and prettied up with scrapbooking paper, glue and glitter. I hope they will serve as a treasure box of sorts, especially on the day.

They'll be carried with us during the day on our family visit, so I'll pop in some goodies that will sustain an active toddler on a restricted diet through the day.
I love that Miss H will be excited by a small piece of organic white chocolate, almonds, an organic lollipop, homemade oat bikkies, fruit and chamomile tea bags!
I've thrown in a special set of beanbags and a pack of cards from Spiral Garden just for Miss H. Add a couple hair accessories and sticker sheets and the day's kit is ready to go.
Baby M's has some crayons, hair accessories and fruit along with a set of lavender beanbags of her own

Making The Beanbags
In keeping with my hand making christmas gifts, I decided to try some beanbags.
I've read a few different blogs that talked about beanbags and beanbag games.
After deciding I'd have a go at making some too, I checked a few more blogs and tutorials to see the different ways to make bean bags and decided on a way to make mine.After deciding on a size and making a template pattern (12cmx12cm square), I picked out a handful of scrap pieces of fabric and cut away.I placed the beanbag faces right side in to each other and stitched 3 sides up, trimmed the corners and turned out. Then I filled them and stitched them closed. I filled these with rice as it was a cheaper option for us, but will restuff them with beans next year. Being bigger, beans won't soak up water as fast so will be more water fun friendly.
I made a whole bunch of colourful and patterned beanbags before embarking on individual sets for each girls box.


  1. You found crayons that had none of those toxic substances? Even free of GM soy!!! ! !!! Please, link me...!