Tuesday, August 9, 2011


First, a quick apologetic note to my readers:
I know I've been fairly MIA this year and I do apologise.
I had big plans for 2011, but it seems the universe had other plans in store for us instead. I've decided to let my plans go and ride with the flow. When I stop fighting it, things fall into place.
Finally, we can see the horizon and know that we can make it through the many obstacles thrown our way. I hope to share more with you soon via this blog.
My blogging notepad is packed with awesome blog drafts (if only they would proof read and type themselves out for me)

To show you haven't been forgotten and are still dearly loved, I bring you a GREAT offer, presented to us by Aromatime.
The most lovely and awesomely wonderful Rebecca has offered up for you a gorgous prize pack including:
Green Foot Sherbet, Buzz off and Fly Away and a Pick Me up Spritzer.
Aromatime products are handmade by a diploma qualified aromatherapist, using organic essential oils and cold pressed carrier oils.
Posted for FREE!!

So, what do you need to do to enter?
First, you need to 'like' the Aromatime FB page
Then, post on their wall that you found them through EarthAngelMumma
Then..... GET CREATIVE with your kids!
Upload a photo of your creative project to my FB wall and let me know it's an Aromatime comp entry and if you give permission for it to be posted in one of the EAM art gallery photo albums recently added to the page.

Your project can be ANYTHING, in ANY medium. We want to see something original, different, whacky..... ANYTHING AT ALL.
It could be a mud and sticks statue, a painting, drawing, nature display, did I say ANYTHING??
The only thing it DOES have to be is your interpretation and reflection of.... SPRING

Competition closes August 23rd (that's 2 weeks time)
So, get thinking, get creating, get liking and get posting...


  1. What an awesome give away,yippee off to get crafty with my babes!!!
    thanks EAM!!
    Amm xx

  2. your aromatime linkies are MIA though honey